Reduce the risk of injury on the stairs

We offer advice on the best type of stairlift for your particular situation. Our customers range from those recovering from serious injuries, those with permanent disablities and elderly citizens who are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate stairs in their home.

Whatever your situation, a stairlift could be the answer.

If you want to stay in your own home instead of a moving to a bungalow or retirement home a stair lift is the sensible choice. But just because Britannia Stairlifts are priced for people who want to save money doesn't mean we compromise on quality.

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What To Find Some Interesting News? our new section to our website offers some great posts and articles. Not just advice on buying and owning a stairlift but help on health issues and conditions. Find out more here Being retired need not be boring you can still live life to the full. If you are suffering from a mobility issue there are many pastims and activitys that you can still get involved in our articles blog provides all the things you need to start living life to the full.

All Our Products are Custom Made

Each one of ourlifts offers a cost effective solution to not moving home. All feature the latest safety features and easy to use access controls. If you choose a Britannia lift you will choosing years of experience, coupled with our quality of service something we are incredibly proud of.